Akitio has released a new larger version of their popular Node Lite PCIe Box. The Node Pro is large enough to handle full-length PCIe cards and the built-in 500Watt power supply is powerful enough to power most PCIe cards currently on the market. The Node Pro was designed to be a companion for professional cards such as the Red Rocket X and other high-end cards.

Akitio, makers of premium, high quality external computer storage and PCIe expansion solutions will release a new four-bay, Thunderbolt™ 3 storage solution for Mac and PC at the upcoming BIRTV Show in Beijing, China. The Thunder3 Quad X, while similar to the Thunder3 Quad features an all-new design and is now compatible with both macOS and Windows computers. The Thunder3 Quad X also supplies 27 Watts of power (Power Delivery) to help charge a connected Thunderbolt 3 laptop.

Akitio and NVIDIA are hard at work bringing Quadro support to Thunderbolt 3 eGPUs. This means that soon you’ll be able to accelerate your laptop with a workstation GPU inside a Node to power professional workflows such as rendering, CAD design, visual FX, video editing and many other professional workflows, all working in real-time through your laptop.

Akitio today unveiled the new Akitio Thunder3 RAID Station. This solution combines four essential functions every laptop user needs into one product, adding additional storage space, providing important interfaces such as Gigabit Ethernet, USB and DisplayPort, recharging the battery and reading SD cards. All this is built into a single product that connects to a PC or Mac via Thunderbolt 3 interface.

AKITIO today unveiled their new Thunderbolt 3 PCIe box, the Node Lite. The new Node Lite is an upgraded version of their popular Thunder2 PCIe Box. The Node Lite features PCIe Gen 3, which provides much improved performance when using new PCIe cards such as video capture cards, RAID cards, NVMe SSD storage, 10G and even 40G network cards. The Node Lite is compatible with both macOS and Windows computers, making it the ideal companion for the new 2016 MacBook Pro as well as new Thunderbolt 3 Windows PC’s.

In late 2016 Apple released their revamped MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3, “The USB-C that Does it All” and sales have been extremely good, as most new Apple products tend to be. One complaint, however, is that Apple has done away with the standard USB Type-A ports that many of us have become familiar with. There seems to be two reasons for these complaints. First, most people still have USB products that they would like to connect via the old USB Type-A cables and secondly, there are very few Thunderbolt 3 or USB Type-C options currently available. So, what is the average consumer to do?

Akitio, makers of premium, high quality external computer storage solutions, today announced the release of the new Akitio Thunder3 Quad Mini. The Quad Mini is the first 4-bay, 2.5”, Thunderbolt 3 storage device designed for use with the new 2016 Apple MacBook Pro lineup (macOS) as well as Thunderbolt 3 Windows PC’s. Developed to handle the data protection and performance requirements for today’s ever-growing media libraries, the Thunder3 Quad Mini offers fast transfers with the added flexibility of a DisplayPort video output in an extremely small and portable form factor.