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MyCloud Mini

Although NAS still stands for “network attached storage”, there are some very major differences between traditional NAS units of old and the new second generation MyCloud Mini NAS from AKiTiO.

Super Simple Set-up

Gone are the days when setting up a NAS was a difficult thing to do. MyCloud Mini can be set up and ready to use in less than a minute with very little or no tech experience. Yes, your twelve year old son or your grandmother would probably have very little trouble getting this baby ready to go. But don’t get the wrong idea; MyCloud Mini is jam-packed with powerful features, albeit in a simple, small, user-friendly format.

The Digital Home

In today’s digital world, more and more people want the ability to view their stored content on whatever device they choose within their home. People want to download a movie and be able to stream it on their big screen TV. The MyCloud Mini ,therefore, can connect wirelessly and stream content to other DLNA compatible devices such as a PS3, Xbox 360 or a multitude of other DLNA/UPnP devices such as televisions, gaming consoles, stereo systems and digital photo frames already in many homes. Content stored on MyCloud Mini can be easily accessed and shared.


Low Power Consumption

MyCloud Mini is an extremely feature-filled and powerful server, but only uses a very small amount of power. AKiTiO managed to squeeze all that functionality into a very small and efficient unit and that means less energy is used, electricity bills are lowered and the digital home becomes a much “greener” place.

Mobile Access & Storage Upgrades

More and more people want the freedom to access their digital content while on the go, whether it be on their laptop, smart phone or other device such as an iPad. MyCloud Mini has its own apps available in the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace that allow mobile users to access their content from anywhere they have an internet connection, including WIFI and 3G. Having access to MyCloud Mini from your mobile devices also means that they are no longer limited to their internal storage capacity. MyCloud Mini turns a 16GB iPhone into a 2TB iPhone. It also means that you can enjoy music, photos and video files on the iPhone or iPad without transferring them via iTunes. The apps also allow you to take pictures and send them directly to MyCloud Mini or to social networking sites.

Social Networking

Not only does MyCloud Mini’s software allow you to access your data anytime and anywhere, it also allows you to quickly upload photos and other files to social networking sites like Facebook and Flickr directly from the GUI.

Public & Private Clouds

MyCloud Mini from AKiTiO allows users to directly access and store content on public cloud sites such as Facebook, Flickr and Picasa. Data can also be stored directly on their private cloud or NAS unit and invitations can be sent to family and friends to allow access to more private files and photos that are not meant for public consumption.

MyCloud Mini

Simple, powerful, feature-filled, green and most of all, simple to use. MyCloud Mini - the 2nd generation of NAS storage. MyCloud Mini – A Truly Synergistic Product