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Node Titan

The AKiTiO Node Titan eGPU is a relatively accessible and well-priced option in the external GPU world. Built like a tank but easy to work with makes the Node Titan a good option for most people. Read More...

Keith May - wccftech (January 31, 2021)
Soutenir Le Blog

Node Duo

Le Node Duo est pratique parce qu’il contient deux emplacements PCI-Express. On peut donc mettre deux cartes double emplacement, tant qu’elles ne consomment pas trop (je vais y revenir). Extérieurement, il est assez large, et s’ouvre par le bas, avec deux vis à main qui permettent de faire sortir la cage du boîtier. Read More...

Pierre Dandumont - Soutenir Le Blog (September 30, 2020)

Thunder3 RAID Station

As a continuation of the DFIR Home Labs episode, I will review an external Thunderbolt 3 storage solution. Having a significant amount of storage space is critical for a home lab, especially for storage of virtual machines. In this video, we’ll unbox the storage array, install two disks, and walk through the setup and configuration within macOS. See More...

Richard Davis - 13Cubed (May 27, 2019)


Akitio T3-10G Thunderbolt 3 10GBase-T ethernet adapter unboxing and setup. Read More...

Lon Seidman - LON.TV (March 7, 2019)

Thunder3 RAID Station

The Thunder3 RAID Station is a wonderful device to rely on for your docking and storage needs. It does have some limitations, but when you are working with limited desk real estate, this is a great option for being able to connect your laptop to all the other peripherals in your set-up. I love the flexibility you get with being able to select your own hard drives and think it’s a really great way to set-up a workflow with a laptop. Read More...

Robyn Oglesby - MacSources (March 6, 2019)

Thunder3 Dock Pro

The Thunder3 Dock Pro is the best of the best. It’s made very well and it even comes equipped with a fan that can be cycled on or off to regulate its temperature or sound level. It’s a very low-maintenance device and I’ve really enjoyed using it. I feel like this is a great option for pro-level users to select for their work stations. It has all the essential needs for professional connectivity and it provides superior speed opportunities because of its Thunderbolt 3 connections. I can wholeheartedly recommend this dock for users seeking out a device to make their system complete. Read More...

Robyn Oglesby - MacSources (March 4, 2019)

Node Lite with Intel® Optane™ SSD

There isn't much in the way of storage that can touch the maximum speed that Thunderbolt 3 can deliver and keep pushing the data at that speed, but the Akitio Node Lite with Intel Optane SSD and Thunderbolt 3 comes very close —without thermal slowdown. Read More...

Andrew O'Hara - Appleinsider (February 1, 2019)

AKiTiO Node

The Akitio Node is certainly a great enclosure for those looking for a barebones solution. It is cheap, effective, and has enough power to run a full GTX 1080Ti without any issues. Read More...

William Johnson - GadgetsEnthusiast (January 31, 2019)
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Node Pro

Akitio Node Pro non è un prodotto tra i più economici ma pensiamo che valga il suo prezzo sopratutto confrontato ad altri prodotti, con un Hub USB-C è possibile avere tante porte. In italia è disponibile presso vari canali tra cui Amazon e Play Informatica. Read More...

Merlo Riccardo - (January 6, 2019)

Node Lite with Intel® Optane™ SSD

With a pricey speedster of an Intel Optane SSD bundled inside, Akitio's racing-red Node Lite PCI Express enclosure fills an elite niche: lightning-fast external storage for a laptop or small desktop. Read More...

Tom Brant - PCMag (December 20, 2018)