The Node and GTX 680 provides enough extra processing power to play many modern high-end games at an acceptable visual quality. Great success! Read More...

Clint Shumack - Clint's Blog (July 7, 2017)


Overall, the AKiTiO Node is a good product, especially considering the low price point. For users looking to experiment with external GPUs on their system, $300 is a much more palatable price point than $500 for something like the Razer Core especially for users looking to add a GPU for non-gaming purposes. Read More...

Ken Addison - PC Perspective (July 6, 2017)


It’s pretty much a no-brainer: If the Node works with your Thunderbolt 3-equipped laptop, go for it. Read More...

Gordon Mah Ung - PCWorld (June 28, 2017)

AKiTiO Thunder2 Quad Mini

簡単に言うと2.5インチのドライブを4台載せられるストレージボックスですね。Thunderbolt2で接続出来ます。2.5インチ専用なおかげで小型ですよ、高さはiPhone7の長辺より短いくらいのサイズです。

Da-Yoshi - da44 (June 13, 2017)

AKiTiO Thunder2 Quad

Ricapitolando brevemente i punti essenziali di questa recensione, il Thunder2 Quad di AKiTiO è un case con una eccellente qualità strutturale ed un'estetica pulita, resa meno banale dalla presenza di una maniglia. Di per sé non fa molto altro che portare 4 dischi direttamente sul bus PCI del nostro computer grazie alla connessione Thunderbolt 2, ma è quello il suo pregio maggiore. Read More...

Maurizio Natali - SaggiaMente (June 3, 2017)

AKiTiO Thunder3 Duo Pro

The Thunder3 Duo Pro enclosures gave our storage Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, and though the speeds are nowhere near what Thunderbolt 3 is capable of given the limitation of the hard drives, it’s still substantially faster than USB 3 or Ethernet. The added flexibility of daisy chaining drives together with almost no speed degradation is useful as well. They look good, and do exactly what we need them to. Looks like we'll be keeping these around for a while. Read More...

Leo Parrill - Unlocked (May 23, 2017)


I was quite surprised by how easy it was to add an external GPU with this Akitio Node. On both the Yoga 720 as well as my own Macbook Pro (running Windows) it was really a plug and play experience. Games and other applications that can benefit from a faster graphics processor will immediately start working with it. Read More...

Lon Seidman - LON.TV (May 19, 2017)


With its extensive support, solid build quality, and its affordable price at $300, the Akitio Node is a pretty good eGPU. Read More...

Benjamin - GamingFactors (April 27, 2017)

Thunder3 Quad

Looking for some fast local data storage? Than look no further check out this review of the akitio thunder3 quad. Read More...

Fran - FranTech (March 19, 2017)
egpu io


The best feature? Its price. I know $300 is still a lot of money but compared to other options on the market, the AKiTiO Node is the most affordable all-in-one Thunderbolt 3 eGPU box. Another nice thing is AKiTiO’s support and involvement with the eGPU community. Many forum members have shared their stories and good experiences with AKiTiO’s customer service. Read More...

THEITSAGE - (January 7, 2017)