A Response to COVID-19 From OWC Founder and CEO, Larry O'Connor
MyCloud App

Back when I was in school, we did all of our homework either by hand or using a typewriter (yes, I am showing my age here). Nowadays, children as young as middle school age are doing their homework on their computers and rather than turning in a printed copy they are required to turn in a digital copy on a flash drive to the teacher. Since the teacher collects the flash drives, students often need to own up to 10 separate flash drives so that they have at least one or two for each subject.

Organize and Centralize

While having so many flash drives can get expensive, it can also be a bit difficult to organize, often resulting in the need for mom or dad to deliver a forgotten flash drive to a child’s school. One way to eliminate this problem is for families to purchase their own personal cloud storage unit and when moving their homework files onto their flash drives also make a backup of the file and store it on their personal cloud. Devices such as the MyCloud Mini, MyCloud ONE and MyCloud Duo from AKiTiO provide a centralized storage device that any computer on the same local network can use to backup files. But the MyCloud series offers much more than that.


Access Anytime and Anywhere

Files stored on the device can be organized by person, computer, school subjects and virtually any other way that the user prefers. AKiTiO has gone one step further and provided a very simple web portal to access those files from remote locations as well. All it takes is a computer with a browser and you can access any and all of your files from any location in the world (provided, of course, that you have an internet connection). If you don’t have an internet connected computer, you can also use the free AKiTiO MyCloud apps for iOS and Android to access your files on your smartphone or other mobile device.

As you can see, this is an excellent method for backing up and accessing files both locally and remotely. Imagine if each student in a classroom just uploaded their homework to a classroom MyCloud device. Students would no longer need to buy all those flash drives and the teacher would no longer need to keep track of all those flash drives.

The teacher could just log on to the MyCloud device and access all of the homework from all of the students in all of his or her classes. The teacher could access those files inside the classroom or from any location as long as he or she had an internet connected computer or mobile device. Since the students wouldn’t need to turn in flash drives anymore, the teacher wouldn’t need to carry all of those flash drives around and wouldn’t have to worry about losing any of them. Everything would be neatly organized right on the MyCloud hard drive thus making things a lot easier for everyone.

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