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MyAkitio Service Discontinued

Online services at for the MyCloud and the CloudHybrid series from Akitio will be discontinued on August 31, 2019.

Services that will be discontinued include the web portal at, remote assistance, automatic firmware updates as well as updates for the mobile apps.

For those who would like to continue using remote login through the web browser or through the mobile app after the end of this year, please use the IP address instead or sign up for a dynamic DNS service.

How to login without

Login on local network (LAN)

If your computer is connected to the same network as the network drive, simply enter the local IP address of your network drive directly into the URL field of the web browser or in case of the app, enter the IP address in place of the device name. For more information, see Login > Local Login.

mycloud login 01

Remote login using IP

If you would like to access your network drive from outside home, you will have to manually setup port forwarding in your network router, to allow incoming traffic to your network drive. You will also need to know your external IP address at home, which might change from time to time, unless you are using a fixed IP address.

mycloud login 02

Remote login using Dynamic DNS

Sign up for an account with or and then change the portal server for your MyCloud and the app to use the dynamic DNS service.

Tip: Check the settings of your network router to see if it supports dynamic DNS. It might support an alternative service to and

mycloud portal service ddns dyndns

mycloud login 03