A Response to COVID-19 From OWC Founder and CEO, Larry O'Connor
MyCloud GUI

The latest firmware release for our MyCloud series of personal cloud servers is now available for download. To get it, login to your network drive via web interface, go to "Preferences" and select "Firmware". Make sure that "Auto Update" is enabled and the next time you reboot or start up your device, it will automatically download and install the latest firmware.

This release includes a bunch of small modifications and a couple of more obvious changes. For a complete list, please see our MyCloud Wiki or refer to the list below.

The most obvious change is right on the desktop after you login through the web interface. There is a new shortcut for the Applications folder, making it easier to find any of the programs that do not already have a shortcut. Also, the dock that was originally located at the bottom of the screen is now a flexible toolbar that floats on top of all the windows. You can not only customize the shortcuts but also move the position and orientation of the toolbar to wherever it is most convenient for you. If you don't need the toolbar, simply minimize it or hide it completely.

For Chrome users, you can now drag and drop whole directories and folders to upload your files to the MyCloud. For those who often upload new photos, the system now creates the thumbnails in the background, making the use of the web interface snappier and the waiting time before you can see the photos much shorter when you next login again.

Change Log
  • Added: Display the connection status to the web portal (Preferences » Portal Server » myakitio.com).
  • Added: New NFS option “insecure” for better compatibility with Mac OS.
  • Added: Show the original path of the deleted file in the Recycle Bin when viewing its Properties.
  • Added: Shortcut to the “Applications” folder on the desktop.
  • Added: Dutch (Nederlands) language support.
  • Added: Drag & drop support for folders and directories when using Chrome.
  • Changed: Default upload method changed to HTML5 in all browsers except IE.
  • Changed: When viewing a photo in the image viewer that is larger than the current window size, it now automatically re-sizes the image to fit the window.
  • Changed: Layout and functionality for firmware update (Preferences » Firmware).
  • Changed: When using Samba, access to the “Download” and “Devices” directories is now restricted to the “admin” account.
  • Changed: When using AFP, access to the “Download” and “Devices” directories is now restricted to the “admin”.
  • Changed: When using FTP, access to the “Download” directory is now restricted to the “admin”.
  • Changed: When using FTP, all users now have access to the “Public” directory.
  • Changed: Added drop-down menu for disk standby time (Preferences » Power Management).
  • Changed: Minor modification to system menu “Quit” (original menu: Close/Logout/Cancel, new menu: Shut Down/Logout/Cancel).
  • Changed: Removed the note about downloading Google Gears in the selection window for upload methods.
  • Changed: Removed “iBackup” service (Preferences » iBackup).
  • Changed: Thumbnails are now created in the background to reduce the loading of the system.
  • Changed: The static “Dock” has been replaced with a flexible “Toolbar” that floats on top of all the windows.
  • Changed: Japanese translation (original: 「ツールばーを隠す/表示する」, new: 「ツールバーを隠す/表示する」)
  • Changed: Updated Korean translation.
  • Fixed: Unable to create new folder by clicking on “New Folder” when selecting a directory.
  • Fixed: The settings for the download service still show the old value after applying the changes (Preferences » Downloader).
  • Fixed: Existing RAID array that was created by another device is not recognized.
  • Fixed: When using the firmware version 20120814, rebuilding the RAID array fails.
  • Fixed: When viewing Email messages in MS Outlook that contain languages other than English, the encoding is incorrect.
  • Fixed: Unable to select the correct file in list view when using IE if the number of files exceeds one page.