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MyCloud GUI

The latest firmware release for our MyCloud products is now available for download. To get it, login to your network drive via the web interface, go to "Preferences" and select "Firmware". Make sure that "Auto Update" is enabled and the next time you reboot or start up your device, it will automatically download and install the latest firmware.

This is a minor release with a only a couple of bug fixes. The only new feature is the option to set a passive port range for the FTP server, allowing you to better setup the firewall and port forwarding, so that SSL encryption can now also be used for remote connections.

If you experience any problems with your device after this update or find that your unit has not been updated yet, even after a reboot and after waiting for a day or two, please contact us through our help desk, thank you.


Change Log
  • Added: FTP setting for passive port range to assist setting up firewall
  • Fixed: Previous and next buttons in media player do not work
  • Fixed: Manually updating the firmware on some browsers (e.g. Chrome) results in “Get data error”