AKiTiO believes the digital home is evolving into a place where there are no barriers or limits. The MyCloud in the personal cloud server series is based on this belief. It provides the user the ability to seamlessly store, organize, share, and access their music, movies, and photos.

The personal cloud server is the next step up in the evolution of home network attached storage drives. It is no longer a PC centric product that requires a skilled system administrator to set up and maintain but a product that is designed to be user friendly and connected, anywhere and anytime.

  • Essential services are handled automatically and in the background.
  • Configured for local and remote connectivity.
  • Web browser based interface, including file access and management.
  • Safe storage and back up of your digital content.

MyCloud Platform

MyCloud Platform

The MyCloud platform, the heart of the personal cloud server, ensures that the high standards and user experience can be maintained even across different products. It is a powerful, yet flexible system that can be run on a wide range of SoCs (system on chip), making it possible to quickly adapt the platform to a successor of an old product or a different hardware solution altogether.

  • Flexible platform that can be run on different SoCs
  • User friendly GUI (graphical user interface) for file access and management
  • Optimized system to provide top performance and run web applications

MyCloud GUI


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