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Toshiba's latest line of Regza LED/LCD TVs are able to record TV programs to attached USB drives or via LAN connection to network attached storage drives (NAS).

AKiTiO has tested some of its popular storage devices with a Toshiba Regza LCD TV (37Z9500) for compatibility. Products have been connected either via USB or via Ethernet and were tested for functionality, which includes registration, recording, playback and trick play. For network attached storage enclosures (NAS) that come with built-in media server, additional tests have been done for DLNA playback (JPEG and MPEG-2).

Toshiba Regza Recording Compatible

AKiTiO's USB drives and NAS that have passed all the compatibility tests are marked with the Regza TV logo.

  • NT2 LAN media server
  • MyCloud Mini media server
  • MyCloud ONE media server
  • MyCloud Duo media server

The Regza TV compatible logo was designed by AKiTiO and is not affiliated with Toshiba in any way. All testing was done by AKiTiO. AKiTiO has no control over the Regza recording function and it may change without prior notice, making it necessary for the products to be re-evaluated.