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Anang's Thunder Dock

We are always interested and also just a little proud to see our products in use by our customers. It helps us to learn what we have done right, see what can be improved and gives us fresh ideas for new products. If you don't mind sharing how your own workspace looks like, please send us a picture of your setup with a few details about the equipment that is used. Of course, any comments, positive or negative, are welcome too.

In this article, we get a glimpse at the workspace of Anang. He had this to say about the AKiTiO Thunder Dock, "Technology done right. Thanks AKiTiO for including two eSATA ports on your Thunderbolt dock".


Equipment used
  • Thunderbolt 2 MacBook Pro
  • AKiTiO Thunder Dock
  • Promise Pegasus R8 (24tb)
  • Lacie 16tb big drive
  • FW800 2tb G-RAID
  • 2 esata 9tb GSpeed RAIDs

Anang's workspace

Photo courtesy of Anang Mittal