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OTK Media Group

OTK Media Group, Inc. uses the AKiTiO Neutrino U3+ laptop hard drive enclosure on the production of “Werk! Living! Fierce!”

“The AKiTiO Neutrino U3+ laptop hard drive enclosure was a valuable tool during production of the series, “Werk! Living! Fierce!,” said Omar Kelly of OTK Media Group, Inc. “The drive offered a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface, a USB 2.0 backwards compatible interface, a FireWire 800 interface with two ports, and a FireWire 400 backwards compatible interface. I was able to daisy chain two Neutrino U3+ hard drives together, one as a scratch disk, and one as a main “final” disk, via the FireWire 800 interface. The drive was able to handle the work load, and remain cooler than other drives I have used before, in an on-location environment.”

“Working as the director of photography on this production, Director Cris Judd and I saw a need to keep the workflow moving at a consistent pace. The throughput speed of the USB 3.0 is fast enough, to ensure I don’t need to compromise the file type I want to use, and doesn’t limit the quality of the footage we capture. I was able to download files from my SD and Compact flash cards directly to the scratch disk quickly.”


“When the footage was delivered on the Neutrino U3+, I noticed that the drives remained cool,” said Orlando Delbert, Art Director for OTK Media Group, Inc. “This is crucial in any kind of digital production and post-production environment. I was able to work with the footage on the drives with no problems. I was not worried about the moving of large files during the color correcting process, or the delivery of the final product.”

OTK Media Group, Inc. is an American television and film production company. At the company's core, are decades of combined experience in all facets of the entertainment industry, and an award-winning team. The philosophy of "famiy first" has been the organization's anchor and basis for building relationships. OTK Media Group, Inc. specializes in television and film production and development; music licensing; motion graphics and branding of television/cable network, their identities and broadcast packaging, on-air promos, launch campaigns, and commercials.

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