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Sante Fe Springs, Calif., April 15, 2013 / ‐‐ AKiTiO, makers of network and direct attached storage products has announced the addition of their new 256GB one bay, bus powered Thunderbolt storage solution. This larger capacity SSD product joins the original 120GB SSD solution previously introduced by AKiTiO last year. The new 256GB option is something that AKiTiO users have been longing for as the original 120GB product was just not large enough for many people involved in video editing and other occupations where larger storage capacity was required.

By incorporating a thunderbolt connection with an SSD, and a high performance SATA controller, AKiTiO is able to obtain data transfer speeds of up to 464MB/second making it the fastest one bay, bus powered external storage device on the market. The Neutrino comes bundled with a thunderbolt cable making it a true “plug and play” solution.

Using the thunderbolt port as a power source this drive does not require a separate power adapter. This portable device lets the user experience the speed, performance, and flexibility of thunderbolt with the benefits of additional space. Also just like all AKiTiO products this device is backed up with a two year warranty.

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At AKiTiO we believe in creating cutting-edge products that are both easy to use and also reliable. We strive to create the most user-friendly experience for our customers, with the most reliable and long lasting products. Found in 1992, AKiTiO offers a full range of direct attached and network attached storage products that are affordable, easy to use, reliable, innovative, and environmentally friendly.