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Hydra Super-S LCM

As of January 1, 2015, the Hydra Super-S LCM has been discontinued and this model is no longer being manufactured, sold or maintained.

The Hydra Super-S LCM was a 4-bay storage enclosure with built-in hardware RAID designed for up to four 3.5" hard disk drives. It featured a 4-in-1 interface with eSATA, FireWire 800, FireWire 400 and USB 2.0.

There is no new version available for this particular model. As an alternative, please consider the Taurus Super-S3 LCM, a 2-bay storage enclosure that also comes with a built-in RAID controller and similar interfaces, including eSATA, FireWire 800, FireWire 400 and USB 3.0.

Jacek Milaszewski

We are always interested and also just a little proud to see our products in use by our customers. It helps us to learn what we have done right, see what can be improved and gives us fresh ideas for new products. If you don't mind sharing how your own workspace looks like, please send us a picture of your setup with a few details about the equipment that is used. Of course, any comments, positive or negative, are welcome too.

In this article, Jacek, a mixing engineer has installed a Pro Tools HD Native PCIE card in the AKiTiO Thunder2 PCIe Box, saying "HD Native PCIe works great in Akitio Thunderbolt enclosure connected to 2013 iMac"

Raymond Singer

"This little guy ACTUALLY WORKS THE WAY YOU EXPECT IT TO!", states Raymond Singer from Cut to the Story Films while using the AKiTiO Thunder Dock.

“Just like you probably were, I was pretty stoked to add a nifty iMac to my editing suite. Even more excited to plug in a first generation Mac Pro. What a screamer. And Thunderbolt? Wow, love that Promise RAID! But holy catfish, Batman, what to do with my trusty SATA RAIDs?! Are they on their way to a garage sale? Paperweights maybe? How do I get all my files over to the new Thunderbolt RAID?! Then there’s the material that’s coming in from clients on USB3 drives. I’m running out of ports! And don’t even get me started on those FireWire 800 drives that are on the shelf or that clients bring their footage on.”

“OK, no problem. There are a few Thunderbolt hubs that give you USB ports, maybe a FireWire 800, too. Some give you an audio and Ethernet port. (If you know why you’d actually need those ports, please share your thoughts with me.) I tried ‘em. All. Each one’s a little different, but they do seem to share one thing in common. In my experience, they all fail. They burn out. They have weak power supplies. Some are actually noisy. (I don’t know how a hub can be noisy, but there you are.) Bottom line — they’re unreliable. The last thing I need in my edit suite is an unreliable piece of gear.”

MyCloud GUI

The latest firmware release for our MyCloud products is now available for download. To get it, login to your network drive via the web interface, go to "Preferences" and select "Firmware". Make sure that "Auto Update" is enabled and the next time you reboot or start up your device, it will automatically download and install the latest firmware.

This release includes a new option for the FTP server to limit access to the public folder to anonymous FTP users fixes the GNU bash "shellshock" issue.

MyCloud App

The AKiTiO MyCloud App for iOS and Android allows users of the MyCloud personal cloud server to access their digital content stored on the MyCloud unit from a mobile device.

Open the app and gain access to your music, videos, photo libraries and other digital documents no matter if at home or on the road.

The latest version of the MyCloud App for iOS (v2.2) and Android (v1.9) comes with various bug fixes and support for iOS 8.