Network Speedtest

A question we often get is why the transfer rates are so much slower when accessing the MyCloud remotely compared to the network speeds that can be achieved at home.

When you access the files on the personal cloud server at home, you are on the same local area network as your device. The network speed is only limited by your network switch or router and possibly by the wireless connection. If you are on the road, you have to consider several important factors that do not come into play at home.

Network Speed

First, there is the download speed of your current connection. The faster the connection, the faster you can load websites, download mail and stream files like those you access on the personal cloud server.

Second, there is the upload speed of your internet connection at home. In order for you to access the files, the personal cloud server at home has to serve the files by uploading them from your home network to the wide area network. Unless you are on an expensive business plan, your download speed is usually many times faster than your upload speed. What this means is that when you are at home and access websites on the world wide web, the download speed is fast enough that you don't have to wait long for pages to load. However, because the upload speed is much slower than that, it takes much longer for the personal cloud server to upload the files when you are accessing them from the outside (remotely).

MyCloud App for Facebook

The newest app from AKiTiO allows users of our MyCloud personal cloud storage devices to simultaneously upload their photos to Facebook and also back them up onto the hard drive of their MyCloud device.

In the past, users needed to upload pictures to Facebook and back them up to their MyCloud separately. The ability to do both at once saves time and energy. Once the pictures have been backed up, they can then be deleted from the mobile device, thus freeing up space to take even more pictures. Mobile devices are no longer limited to their internal storage capacity as MyCloud users can take as many pictures as they can fit onto the hard drives in their MyCloud devices.

Please let us know what you think about our new app by leaving a comment below. Do you find this new feature helpful?

Also, please let us know if you have any other great ideas for other features that we can either add to our current apps or implement into new apps for our MyCloud products.

Neutrino Thunderbolt with SSD

WIN a Free AKiTiO Neutrino Thunderbolt Edition with a 120GB SSD!!
(Retail value $299.99)

Just fill out the form below and let us know why you would like to have a Neutrino Thunderbolt SSD of your very own and you will be automatically entered in our monthly Lucky Draw.

Lucky winners will be selected at the end of each month starting in October 2012 and will be sent a free Neutrino Thunderbolt Edition with a 120GB Intel SSD!

  • Entries must be received before the 20th day of each month.
  • Limit: One (1) entry per person per month
  • Entrants agree to allow AKiTiO to use their names and responses for advertising purposes on our website
  • Winners agree to provide AKiTiO with an image of themselves to be posted in our winners section and other areas of our website
  • Employees of AKiTiO and inXtron, Inc. are not eligible for prizes
  • AKiTiO reserves the right to end this promotion at any time and without prior notice

OTK Media Group

OTK Media Group, Inc. uses the AKiTiO Neutrino U3+ laptop hard drive enclosure on the production of “Werk! Living! Fierce!”

“The AKiTiO Neutrino U3+ laptop hard drive enclosure was a valuable tool during production of the series, “Werk! Living! Fierce!,” said Omar Kelly of OTK Media Group, Inc. “The drive offered a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface, a USB 2.0 backwards compatible interface, a FireWire 800 interface with two ports, and a FireWire 400 backwards compatible interface. I was able to daisy chain two Neutrino U3+ hard drives together, one as a scratch disk, and one as a main “final” disk, via the FireWire 800 interface. The drive was able to handle the work load, and remain cooler than other drives I have used before, in an on-location environment.”

“Working as the director of photography on this production, Director Cris Judd and I saw a need to keep the workflow moving at a consistent pace. The throughput speed of the USB 3.0 is fast enough, to ensure I don’t need to compromise the file type I want to use, and doesn’t limit the quality of the footage we capture. I was able to download files from my SD and Compact flash cards directly to the scratch disk quickly.”

Neutrino Thunderbolt Edition

AKiTiO is proud to announce that our new one-bay, portable Thunderbolt storage device, the “Neutrino Thunderbolt Edition” is now available for shipping! The Neutrino will ship with a 120GB Intel 330 Series SSD.

This complete Thunderbolt storage solution also comes with a Thunderbolt cable (a $49 value), so all you need to do is just plug it in and it is ready to use.

The small 2.5” form factor makes it extremely portable and since it is bus-powered, there is no need for a power adapter. Just slip it into your pocket and you are ready to go! The Neutrino is the perfect solution for video editors, photographers and anyone else who wants or needs to transfer large amounts of data.

The Neutrino will retail for $299.99 (not inc. tax), making it the most affordable Thunderbolt SSD storage device on the market.

Check out the Neutrino on the official Intel list of approved Thunderbolt products.