MyCloud Mini

Although NAS still stands for “network attached storage”, there are some very major differences between traditional NAS units of old and the new second generation MyCloud Mini NAS from AKiTiO.

Super Simple Set-up

Gone are the days when setting up a NAS was a difficult thing to do. MyCloud Mini can be set up and ready to use in less than a minute with very little or no tech experience. Yes, your twelve year old son or your grandmother would probably have very little trouble getting this baby ready to go. But don’t get the wrong idea; MyCloud Mini is jam-packed with powerful features, albeit in a simple, small, user-friendly format.

The Digital Home

In today’s digital world, more and more people want the ability to view their stored content on whatever device they choose within their home. People want to download a movie and be able to stream it on their big screen TV. The MyCloud Mini ,therefore, can connect wirelessly and stream content to other DLNA compatible devices such as a PS3, Xbox 360 or a multitude of other DLNA/UPnP devices such as televisions, gaming consoles, stereo systems and digital photo frames already in many homes. Content stored on MyCloud Mini can be easily accessed and shared.

MyCloud Mini

The choice of how to store your personal digital data used to be simple. As long as your hard drive was big enough, you kept it on your computer and if you needed more space, you stored the data on an external storage media. This usually meant copying the data to a USB drive or burning it to a CD/DVD.

These days, you still have these options, but the number of choices has grown significantly and just archiving the data somewhere at home no longer meets everybody's requirements.

MyCloud Mini

To understand the differences between traditional network drives (NAS) and consumer oriented network drives or as we at AKiTiO like to call them, the personal cloud servers (PCS), we would like to highlight some of the functions that make up the difference.

Under the hood, traditional network services like the Samba and FTP server are there for both NAS and PCS. Even functions like the media server or remote login can be done for both devices. However, for the PCS, most of it is automated and it is not necessary to specifically set up or learn anything more about it. Instead, the focus is on how to best interact with the device and make it easy for the user to access the data

MyCloud Mini

This article introduces the basics of network attached storage, also known as NAS. The information can be used as reference for all kinds of products but it was written mainly for AKiTiO's network attached storage enclosures. For more specific details about your network drive, please refer to the user manual that corresponds to your product.

MyCloud Mini

AKiTiO believes the digital home is evolving into a place where there are no barriers or limits. The MyCloud in the personal cloud server series is based on this belief. It provides the user the ability to seamlessly store, organize, share, and access their music, movies, and photos.

The personal cloud server is the next step up in the evolution of home network attached storage drives. It is no longer a PC centric product that requires a skilled system administrator to set up and maintain but a product that is designed to be user friendly and connected, anywhere and anytime.