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[MyCloud] What ports are used for the remote connection?

When browsing the web page and registering the device, a standard HTTP connection on port 80 is used. For the login and file access, port 9000 and port 10080 are used. If port 10080 is in use, the system will try 10081, 10082, etc. until 10100. If port 10080 is open on both the network where the network drive (MyCloud) is connected as well as on the network where the computer is currently connected, the communication becomes direct peer to peer. If none of the 10080 ports work, port 9000 or in some cases for older devices that do not have an up to date firmware yet, port 1194 is used instead.

Make sure the ports 9000 and 10080 are not blocked on your network switch or router, otherwise the remote login will not work. If the login through the web portal fails, you may need to use the finder utility to find out the local IP address and look up the IP address in the DHCP log of your network router. You can then enter the local IP address directly into the URL field of your web browser to access the device.