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[Node Titan] How do I connect the PCIe power cables to the GPU card?

The AKiTiO Node Titan comes with two internal PCIe power cables to provide up to 500W of power to the graphics card.

  1. The cables consist of two 8-pin (6+2-pin) PCIe power cables.
    node titan pcie cable 01
  2. Each pair has a 6-pin and a 2-pin connector that can be used either as a 6-pin cable or combined as a 8-pin cable, depending on the power requirements of the graphics card. To combine the connectors as a single 8-pin cable, the two little pins on the 2-pin connector should "hug" the 6-pin connector.
    node titan pcie cable 02
  3. When plugging the cable into the graphics card, it does not matter which cable is used in which position but pay close attention to the correct orientation. Do not force the cable if it dosn't fit properly. There are two indications for the right orientation. There is a clip on one side of the connector that will have a counterpart on the graphics card to properly hold the connector in place. Also, due to the shapes of the individual pins, the connector can only be inserted in one particular way.
    node titan pcie cable 03
  4. Make sure the connectors are fully inserted. The connector clips into place when it's fully inserted and it should not disconnect when you gently pull on it.
    node titan pcie cable 04

Note: The images above are for reference only. Depending on the power requirements of the graphics card, the amount of pins may vary and you might not need to use both of the cables.