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[NT2 LAN] How to login without going to

There are several different ways to access the graphical user interface (GUI) of the network drive without having to go through the web portal at when you are connected to the same local network.

  1. For PC users, start the discover tool and for Mac users, start the NAS builder. It will detect the network drive on your local network and display its IP address. Enter that IP address into your web browser and you can connect directly to the NAS.
  2. For PC users, enter the device name into the URL field of your web browser (by default this is nt2-lan), click Enter and then access the web configuration interface of your NT2 LAN.
    If the UPnP discovery service is enabled, you can also double-click on the NT2 LAN icon under Network Devices.
  3. For Mac users, start the Safari web browser, open the Bookmarks panel and select Bonjour. Select "NT2-LAN" and double-click on it to open the web configuration interface of your NT2 LAN.