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[Neutrino Thunderbolt Edition] Can I replace the built-in drive and install my own?

No, the Neutrino Thunderbolt Edition is always sold with built-in drive and it is not designed for the drive to be replaced. The reason for it is that in order for this bus-powered product to pass certification by Apple and Intel, the complete solution has to be tested and the drives cannot be replaced without re-testing.

Technically speaking, the drive could of course be replaced but that will void the warranty and it might not work or cause problems when it's connected to the computer. Instead, if you plan on installing your own drive, please consider the Neutrino Thunder Duo or the Neutrino Thunder D3. Both are self powered, have space for up to two 2.5" SATA drives which can be easily replaced and you can also buy the bare enclosure without the drives.