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[Thunder2 Duo Pro] How do I set the RAID mode?

The new RAID mode can be confirmed either by pressing the [Set RAID] button while the device is turned on or by power cycling it.

  1. Install the drives.
  2. Before re-assembling the enclosure, set the RAID switch to your preferred RAID mode. Use a little screw driver or the tip of a knife and rotate the switch until the arrow points to the correct number.
    No.15 = RAID 0
    No.30 = Span
    No.75 = RAID 1
    No.110 = Non-RAID
  3. Turn on your computer, connect the Thunderbolt or the USB cable and then plug in the power adapter. The Thunder2 Duo Pro should now be up and running.
  4. Use the disk utility (Mac) or the disk management tool (Windows) to format your drive(s). Depending on the RAID mode, the volume is labelled differently.
    RAID 0 = AKiTiO Fast Media
    RAID 1 = AKiTiO Safe Media
    SPAN = AKiTiO Big Media
    Non-RAID = "Model name" of the individual drives