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[Thunder2 Quad] How to troubleshoot drives suddenly disappearing?

There could be different reasons for a drive to suddenly eject and disappear but following are some suggestions on how to troubleshoot such a situation and how to narrow down the problem to find the source.

  1. If the drives are in a RAID system, backup your data in a different location and then remove the RAID system. See if you still encounter the same problem with just the individual drives.
  2. Move the drives to another slot and see if the problem follows the drive or the drive slot. This could indicate either a problem with the drive itself or that particular drive slot.
  3. If all drives disappear at the same time and you have another Thunderbolt cable available, replace the cable and test it again.
  4. Check the console messages for any errors that might help explain the problem.
  5. Change the settings in your energy saver preferences (e.g. do not put the hard disks to sleep) and/or keep the computer from sleeping. See if that makes any difference.
  6. If you have access to another computer, test the Thunder2 Quad on a second computer to see if the problem still occurs.