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RAID 5A redundant array of independent disks (RAID) can be used to improve the I/O performance and therefore offer faster transfer rates, mirror the data for redundancy in case of a disk failure or combine the storage capacity of multiple disks to create one large volume. Depending on the RAID controller and the amount of drives, different RAID modes can be used.

AKiTiO's data storage products make use of both hardware and software RAID, depending the model. A hardware RAID is created by a built-in RAID controller and is independent of the computer and the operating system. A software RAID is created either by the operating system of the computer or by the software that is running on the product itself (e.g. MyCloud series).

In both cases, it's important to consult the user documentation before setting up the RAID, as each product and RAID controller works slightly different.


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