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Mobile App for Cloud HybridUnlock the full potential of your mobile device! This App allows users of the Cloud Hybrid to access the digital content stored on their network drive through an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android based mobile device. Open the App and gain access to your music, videos and photo libraries.

Files can be uploaded from the mobile device to the network drive or stored directly on the network drive at the time the image or note is captured. Documents and media files that are stored on the network drive can be accessed and viewed on the mobile device.

Having access to the Cloud Hybrid from a mobile device means that the devices are no longer limited to their internal storage capacity. Cloud Hybrid turns a 16GB iPhone into a 1TB iPhone. It also means that users can enjoy music, photos and video files on the phone without having to actually store the files on the mobile device.

  • Remote login works straight out of the box
  • Upload manager to upload files to the remote network drive
  • File browser to access files on the remote network drive
  • Camera function to capture and instantly upload photos
  • Voice memo to record and instantly upload voice recordings

This app has been discontinued and is no longer available for download.