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[Thunder2 PCIe Box] What does the green light inside the PCIe box mean?

There are two LED lights inside the AKiTiO Thunder2 PCIe Box.

  • Green = Power on
  • Blue = Link to computer established

If only the green LED lights up and the fan is not spinning, it means that the device was unable to establish a connection to the computer. This could be because the computer is turned off, the Thunderbolt cable hasn't been connected yet or because of a defect with the Thunderbolt cable or the Thunderbolt port, either on the PCIe box or the computer.

To troubleshoot this kind of problem, make sure the computer is on and the Thunderbolt cable is connected to the computer. If that has already been done, disconnect and reconnect the Thunderbolt cable. If that doesn't help, connect the cable to a different Thunderbolt port, both on the PCIe box and on the computer. Don't daisy chain any devices, connect the PCIe box directly to the computer. Also, if available, replace the Thunderbolt cable to rule out any problems with the cable.

When troubleshooting the device, we recommend to temporarily disconnect the PCIe card. Once both LED's light up and the device has been recognized by the computer (see 'Thunderbolt' in the system report on the Mac), you can install the PCIe card again for further testing.