SK-3501 Super-S3

This baby is a real beast, built to take some everyday abuse. The great plus here is that being an enclosure, you have unlimited options on what storage media you would like to use. The real feature that I was excited to try, was the USB 3.0 interface and the potential transfer speeds of 5Gbps. I was interested in seeing just how much faster USB 3.0 would stack up against FireWire 800.

Steven Beyer - The Mac ReviewCast (Nov 11, 2011)
LA Audio File

Taurus Mini Super-S LCM

The AKiTiO Taurus Mini Super-S comes equipped with an extremely versatile interface, featuring eSATA, FireWire 800 and USB 2.0 High Speed. This myriad of interfaces makes it an easy choice for those looking for maximum flexibility with a variety of products needing a storage solution. The Taurus Mini Super-S offers high performance RAID 0 striping and fully redundant RAID 1 mirroring for the ultimate in secure data protection. Read More...

Kevin Nakano - LA Audio File (Sep, 2011)

Taurus Mini Super-S LCM

If you're an audio/video enthusiast (and who isn't these days?), AKiTiO's ( Taurus Mini Super-S provides an easy-to-use, reasonably priced (US$199), 2.5-inch, dual bay SATA enclosure, compact in size, which is complete with a built-in LCD display and two FW800 ports for daisy chaining. Read More...

Dennis Sellers - MacTech (Aug 19, 2011)